Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Found: another rescue

Found this utterly gorgeous 1950's sweetheart strapless, fall french country printed dress, in the ... where else ... thrift's used halloween costume section. Good thing I made it in time; I hate to think what would have become of it.

Because it is so fitting for the season, this one will be available in the store next week!


  1. This is so very beautiful! I am glad you saved it from being so terribly misunderstood!


  2. The Halloween "costume" section is always my very favorite section of thrift stores. I should calculate someday what percentage of my personal wardrobe has come from that rack....

  3. Oh goodness, I wish I found things like this in the Halloween costume section of my local thrift! I am just crazy about that print!

  4. I've been waiting for this to appear in your shop and it has! Curse my 32" waist!!! This dress is glorious.