Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The June 17th Vintage Collection | Earthy Neutrals

This week's collection is nicely textured and color-wise, it has a nice, earthy sentiment; cloudy grays and blues, pale greens, sandy beiges, and some black for good measure. Browse & shop here!

        vintage golden leaves necklace $24               vintage gray mink keychain, $12             vintage golden flower brooch, $12  

         vintage black linen gauchos, $88                    vintage mini Coach bag, $48                    vintage ruffled hip swimsuit, $58

The black linen gauchos are my favorite item of the collection; there is something about 100% linen that feels so rich and luxurious. Another of my choice picks is the black ruffled swimsuit; it's an excellent option for someone who wants a little extra hip coverage.