Thursday, September 27, 2012

Allen Co. Homme | Menswear Collection

I am elated (!) to announce that Allen Co. will now be stocking menswear in the shop; a new vintage menswear collection will arrive on the 1st of every month! The men's section will be stocked with fine, wearable neutrals of the best fits and textiles; a.k.a., super curated. I'm being quite particular about the items I will be offering being they'll only be arriving once a month. 

The first men's vintage collection will arrive this Monday, October 1st! It will only be comprised of four pieces  because it happens to coincide with the arrival of the weekly Monday women's collection. The next one will be much larger - 20+ pieces larger :) 

(And just in case you were wondering, that there is Lenny Kravitz's stage costume custom dress form - yes it is!) 

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