Tuesday, July 31, 2012

three owls | Luke Razza

I fatefully came across this Luke (or Luca) Razza piece last week and decided it was high time to offer up the owls I've accumulated in the Allen Co. jewelry case. Luke Razza (1960s-1970s) is known for his large scale whimsical pieces which are highly collectible; his work is mostly figural and often depicts animal and astrological themes. There are some really stunning Razza pieces on Etsy right now; here are my favorites 1  2  3 

                     1970s rhinestone eye owl necklace       1970s Luca Razza Bashful owl necklace      1970s perched metal owl necklace
These oversized owl necklaces (including the Razza piece, of course) arrive to the shop on Monday, August 6th!


  1. Ohhhh man are these dreamy!! One can never have enough owl pieces!