Monday, April 2, 2012

restoration: 1920s lace & chiffon dress

This romantic 1920s lace & chiffon dress will be available in today's update, but needed a little reconstruction first. Four silk bows sit on the skirt, but one was riddled with tears and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately I neglected to take a before photo (I always forget!)

The three surviving bows were free form-hand stitched which makes them easier to replicate and gives the dress quite a charming feel. 

First I constructed a bow from some matching silk-chiffon fabric and then ironed it into that "perfect antique bow shape."

Pinned into place (somewhat similar to the original, but a little different to hid some of the holes that caused the need for it's replacement).

Hand stitched and secured. Dare I say I did a better job than the person who had done the others (?!)

Ironed to flatten and finish. Yes, I will say it does look better than the rest :)

And complete! You can see the rest of this dress when it becomes available in the store at 12 noon (est)!

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  1. I'm beyond jealous of your restoration skills. Just from the little teaser pics you can tell that dress is gorgeous. Great job!