Friday, April 29, 2011

found & restored no. 2: 1940s gray worsted suit

Last month I found this 1940s gray wool skirt suit at an indoor garage sale and haggled the vendor down to $10.00 (from $50.00) because of the condition issues. It was missing one of the crescent appliques and was decently soiled. But for $10.00 a restoration project made sense - so here it is!

First I trimmed about 2 inches off the hem of the skirt (which was stained anyway) for fabric to create the applique.

Next created a cardstock base to help the crescent to keep it's shape.

Some fabric glue maneuvering.

Lastly hand-sewed the applique to the appropriate area.

It's not perfect, but then again neither are the original two - now I just need to send it off to the dry-cleaner and put it in the store!


  1. Awesome post, Kristina! This inspires me to tackle some repairs that intimidate me. Can't wait to see this suit in the shop!

  2. so awesome. can't wait to see it in the shop!